Friday, June 10, 2011

                                                                 Good Place to Study
        Different learning styles make different students learn better. Also, a good place to study makes people study easier. A lot of students like to study at home, but I like to study at Chinatown's library.
        First of all, Chinatown's library is a very quiet place. I need a quiet place to clean out my brain . When I have problem that I can't solve, I will hate noise. I can think anything if people are talking near by me. Also, a quiet place can help me easily to focus on the book. Moreover, when i walk into the library, i will feel comfortable to being there. There has lot of big table to let people to use. If I have any problems there, I am free to ask the people who is working there, they are happy to help me. Finally, the library was built a long time ago, so it has collected lot of helpful books. One time, I was taking a history class, my teacher asked me to write a project about the WWI. I had no idea what should i write because I don't know anything about WWI. I went to the library and looked for the books. Luckily, I fund a lot of information about it.
        To sum it up, to find a good place to study is very important. Chinatown's library is a wonderful place to study at. I like it very much.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Simon Was A Great Friend for Joe

Simon Was A Great Friend for Joe
  Climbing a mountain is a perilous sport. Simon and Joe tried their best to climb to the peak of the mountain in Peru.At last, they reached the summit successfully,but Joe broke his leg when they were climbing down the moutain.At this time, Simon helped Joe a lot.Simon was a true friend to him.
  First of all, Simon didn't leave Joe alone. When Joe broke his leg, Simon choose to help him without the least hesitation.He knew he had to do anything to save Joe from ruin.He stayed to help him even through it is hard to save a person who is injured in a bad enviroment.Moreover,Simon tried his best to save his friend.Every time Joe was decending on the moutain slope,he held rope carefully to control the speed.If joe fell too fast,he would be hurt.While Joe was hanging on the cliff,Simon tried to use his weight to pull him up.Simon did everything he could do for his friend.Finally,Simon was sad after he came back to the tent.Hefelt sorry for Joe because he couldn't save him.He cried every day. He always hoped his friend would rescue.When he heard Joe was yelling his name,he went out of the tent to find him immediately.He felt happy when he found Joe.
  In conclusion,Simon gave a lot of help to Joe.He took respondsibilitiy to save Joe.If he left Joe alone,Joe wasn't able to be alive.Simon was a really good friend.

Monday, May 9, 2011

PCC's ESL Program

PCC's ESL Program
        If English is your second language, and you don't know where you should go to learn it, don't worry. You can think about our ideas. We have good reasons why we chose PCC's ESL programs.
        First of all, there are many different class schedules for PCC's ESL program. You don't have to come every day. Even though you need to work on week days, you can take classes on Saturday, because they have Saturday school, too. Also, this program has a whole day schedule. You could fix up your class schedule according to your working time. In addition, there is enough equipment in PCC's classrooms. For example, each classroom has an overhead profector. It also has an advanced smartboard. These useful equipment makes academic environment better. It helps the students learn English easier. Finally, PCC's ESL program has tutoring every day. When you get many questions that confuse you, you can go to PCC's LAC since there is free tutoring for ESL students. The tutors are very nice and friendly to help you figure out the problems.
        In conclusion, we have learned English from PCC's program for a year and we feel very good. Therefore, if you want to have a perfect schedule, study in advanced classrooms and get great help, PCC's ESL program is the best option for you to choose.
You have many different class schedules to choose.

Every classroom has a lot of equipment.


Look! How happy this guy is after he has been tutored.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ways of Study

The Ways of Study
There are a few ways I prefer for learning.The ways for learning are important to efficiency of learning.In these few ways,I can learn better in studying.
First of all,I am a visual learner in studying.I like to read introductions and examples in books to learn new knowledge,because the examples and introductions are easy to understand.When I can't follow what the teacher say,I can read the book to figure it out.In addition,interpersonal intelligence is neccesary in learning.I always ask the professional people when I have some problem which I can't solve.The professional people often have many better ideas,and his instruction will be a great benefit ot me.When the teacher arranges a group project to us,I prefer to work together than work separate because we can learn something from teamates in process.Finally,logical-mathematical intelligene is very important mode of thinking. I usually understand explanation from teach logicality,because logical-mathematical intelligen is best way to figure out.When I think ahout a problem logicality,I can improve my analytic skills.In conclusion,despite there being no evidend to say which way to learn is the best,I can get help greatly in these few ways.I can improve my learning skills.I like my ways of study.

Monday, April 4, 2011

VARK Questions

Your scores were:
  • Visual: 10
  • Aural: 10
  • Read/Write: 6
  • Kinesthetic: 5

Monday, March 28, 2011

Studying English Outside of Class

Studying English Outside Of Class
         We know some good ways to study English outside of class. English is not our first language, but we all love English and we have to learn English because it is so important. There are many different ways to study English. First of all, watching TV can make you understand English easier. You can watch the news to learn about Standard English since the reporters have to talk in the standard way. You can watch English movies to study casual English, too. In addition, listening to English songs in another way to study English. People like music, and if you listen to English songs, you will learn more vocabulary by listening to its. Besides, if you follow the singer when you listen to English songs, you will improve your pronunciation. Finally, talking in English is the best way to practice English. You can go anywhere you like and make small talks with other English speakers. Unless you never try, the more you do this, the sooner you can speak English well. Also, try not to talk too fast but correctly when you don't know the words very well. In conclusion, if you want to learn English well, these are three helpful ways to study.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My first English class

My first experience learning English was funny.Even thought the class was only 45 minutes,I learned English well and enjoyed it.First of all,the teacher's teaching method is interesting.My English teacher is a funny person.She likes to tell us stories in English.All of the student payed attendtion to the teacher.We felt relax when we were in the class.Second,I like to pronuon the English words.Teacher told us the pronunciation of the English word is related to spelling of the word.In the class,I learned some base phonetic symbol well.I could pronuonce the new word correctly which teacher gave to us.I am interested in pronunciation of the English word.Finally,remmebering the alphabetical reference list is a challenge.In English,verbs have three tenses.They have simple form,simple past,and past participle.They have rules about tense's spelling forms,but some verbs is irregular.In the class,teacher gave us ten irregular verbs to remmember them,and then we will have a test.I try my best to remmeber the words because it is a challenge.At the end of the test,I got a good grade in my test.I like this challenge.In conclusion,my first English class was funny.I felt relax during the class,and I was interested in pronounciation of words and remmebering irregular verbs.I had enjoyed every thing in the class,so I want to learn English well in my future.